The Douro region

Terroir of excellence


The vineyards of the DOURO wine region make up one of the most awe-inspiring man-made landscapes in the world.

As in other wine regions of excellence in the world, the Douro terroir represents a unique combination of soil, topography, climate and grape varieties that cannot be reproduced anywhere else.

Its many valleys and different altitudes, from Mesão Frio to the Spanish border, as well as the diversity of the grape varieties and the diverse sun exposure, allow the harvesting of grapes with unique characteristics.



Shale soils, a metamorphic slate type rock, rich in nutrients with excellent water retention properties allow the vine to develop in the arid conditions that prevail throughout the year. The roots reach depths of several metres in their search for water thus contributing to the complexity and intensity of the wines.

The proximity of the river brings concentration, the altitude provides freshness, each variety delivers its own characteristics and the old vines complemented with several grape varieties, enrich the wines.

These characteristics combine to produce highly balanced, distinctive and unique wines.

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